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08-04-21 | A fresh start

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“We’re creating a luxurious brasserie, a bar, and a delightful terrace”


Hotel Lebeau19 is the latest acquisition by the entrepreneurial duo Karel Coudyser (48) and Wim Dereu (53). They are further expanding the Ide family’s villa hotel, situated in the heart of Zoute. In addition to 26 modern, comfortable rooms, the project boasts an opulent brasserie and a large south-facing terrace with an amazing view of unspoilt nature.

After Zoutestrand 19, Put 19 and The Nighteen, Hotel Lebeau19 is the fourth jewel in the crown of Karel Coudyser and Wim Dereu. “A few months ago, Joris Ide contacted us to ask whether we wanted to run his hotel. It didn’t take us long to consider his proposal, because this is a fantastic project. In 2015, Joris Ide took over the Golfhotel from the Hemelaere family. Following a complete facelift, the exclusive Hotel Lebeau opened its doors”, said Karel Coudyser.



“The saying ‘stick with what you know’ applies here”, grins Joris Ide. “Our hotel project was based on the ‘bed and breakfast’ formula, but this hotel has a lot more potential. Our group owns dozens of companies, but we have no idea about gastronomy or catering. So we started looking for a more suitable manager.”

“The result? A deal with two industry professionals who are going to do a much better job than we could. Lebeau remains our hotel, but we have a franchise agreement with the Put19 people and their team. What was originally a burden for us, has now become a pleasure.”

“We will continue to develop the Ide family’s hotel in the heart of Zoute with the utmost respect. We are creating a stunning brasserie, bar and a delightful south-facing terrace. Both visitors and hotel guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, aperitifs, dinner or a night-cap”, says Karel Coudyser. “Vincent Van Laere and Rik Ruebens are leading on a complete makeover of the ground floor, in collaboration with OVS-Decoration and Vervarcke Interieur. Our real pride and joy is the relaxing terrace where you can enjoy the sun all day long. From 15 July, Meubili will be signing up with us to create a new and luxurious outdoor experience."



“Chef Jurgen De Proft puts together the menu in our luxurious brasserie. He will surprise our guests seven days a week with the exquisite dishes he prepares. During the day, you can enjoy small dishes from our tapas menu.”

“Hotel Lebeau 19, which has been closed since October, will open its doors on 1 April. We hope that our stunning brasserie can open its doors on 1 May”, Wim Dereu adds.

You can find Hotel Lebeau19 at Zoutelaan 175.

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